THIS MODERN NOMAD:  Travel Guru, Yoga Instructor, Artist at Heart… this Modern Nomad is an experiment, an exploration, a record of past, present, and future travels of the mind body spirit of this particular modern nomad, Stacey Hoshimiya.

It is meant to be a resource and an anthem for all those who follow their hearts into the unknown, just to see what there is to find. The vision is to create an honest and reliable account of countries I've visited with practical & cultural information for travelers & yogis to utilize and be inspired by. Currently, the focus is on‍‍‍ yoga, my group & private instruction, as well as, the development of specific workshops, and international yoga & meditation retreats.

It is a work in progress, like life itself.

PRESENT: I just got married this April 2016. The last two years have been a life changing whirlwind. I met my husband and began a romance that had us dancing between Italy, Morocco, India, California, and Guatemala. In that time, we fell in love, traveled the world together, and I am became a yoga instructor.

Now, I am making roots in Mantova (Italy), forging a new path, with my man at my side. I teach both private and group yoga sessions weekly, and am hosting retreats in Morocco and Bali next year. Another new beginning. And the birth of my latest endeavor, this Modern Nomad.

‍‍‍PAST:‍‍  Once upon a time, I was a custom metal worker in Los Angeles, my native tow‍‍‍n. I was lucky enough to be an artist for hire, designing and fabricating original pieces for private clientele. I had a long stint in that business traveling by word of mouth (13yrs), even when I moved to Taipei, and then back to California, renting an ocean view 3000 sq. ft. barn in Humboldt county for my studio. Amazing light, amazing space, amazing company. (You can see some of my artwork here.) I eventually made my way back to LA, and continued to create pieces, but soon started to long for the road again. That brief taste of the far east and far north, had left me wanting more.

So, I decided to pack it all up again, and follow my heart into the Great Wide Open. I closed up my shop, said goodbye to my friends and family, and took a gig with Peace Corps, spending over 2 years living in Morocco, working with local artisans in the Small Business Development Program, soaking up all the charm and mystery of this hauntingly beautiful place and people. I was hooked.After my Peace Corps service, I spread my wings even more, and traveled throughout Europe, Turkey, Nepal, India, and Guatemala. I landed back in the States, in Austin, TX, and spent a little over a year there working with a local non profit that focused on urban farming and edible landscaping. But even the tree-lined quirky cool progressive Austin couldn't hold me. I turned my eyes towards Italy and took myself to the small village of Mantova, where I helped grow the gardens, guesthouse, and cultural association of a dear friend. And that is where I met the love of my life.

FUTURE: Heraclitus said that one can never step into the same river twice - everything is always changing. If this is true, then we are always in a state of BECOMING- always new, in every moment, continually evolving into our best potential selves. So in theory, you can become whatever you can imagine, and there is great freedom in that! You can shed the weight of the past, embrace your present choices as gifts, and claim the future you want.

I intend to dance my way into a future that resembles something like this: property where the mountains meet the sea, tiny houses, food forest with walking paths, community center, yoga meditation shala, friends and family growing old and wise together, travelers passing through … who knows what shape my future will take, or how long it will take to manifest these dreams, but the destination is not the point. All the sweetness of life is in the journey, and in the majesty an‍‍‍d wonder of your own personal evolution. Dream on, I have my compass and direction set.

"Now, give me that horizon …"

ABOUT STACE: I was one of those kids who had no idea what to answer on Career Day when asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Everyone else seemed to have a clear direction, but for me, the most logical answer was not a particular profession, but a base desire to be happy. Of course,  everyone wants this, so this was not a profound insight. The difference was that I never saw this path to happiness in the form of a career. I saw it as a life philosophy.

So I concluded, what better way to secure happiness than to always follow your heart? So I simplified. I decided that it was not important to know exactly what one will become, it was more important to explore with honesty, and to understand what the heart wants; allow the path to unfold and have the courage to embrace what the heart reveals.

My heart is my compass. I follow what I love. It is that simple. And it has made all the difference.