Bali is place where you can lose your mind and find your heart.‍‍‍

Losing your mind, in the sense of letting go of that critical inner voice, releasing yourself from the prison of the endless rationality and judgement, to allow for an unfolding, a reckoning, to open up and reveal the truth of your heart.

Because Bali will hold up the mirror, probably more than once, where you will put into question your own actions, past, present, and future. It will take you to the heart of your existence, ask you to confront deeply coveted truths, if you let it. And sometimes, even if you resist, Bali will still find a way to challenge you, as I found out during my first encounter with her.

The island sees you, and you are drawn to what you need for growth. And sometimes that journey is painful, and sometimes, a joyful liberation, but there is no way out but through, as any worthwhile insight comes only from facing the challenges that confront us, to mindfully work through the emotions and actions that arise, to arrive at a deeper understanding of self, and others, and the benevolent energy uniting us all underneath.

This is the perfect place to take that hero’s journey to the heart, to explore with utter honesty your own nakedness, and to be reborn in the process. As much as the island may challenge you, she will also cradle you. Consider it an offering, a cleansing, a blessing, and not a place to escape from your world, but an opportunity to engage in it.

Daily yoga and/or meditation sessions will be led by Stacey Hoshimiy‍‍‍a RYT500 and/or Inge Veldscholten RYT500.

Each of us has a different but very complementary style, which will ensure diversity in pace, theme, and expression. You will get the best of both of us! Inge leads these beautiful meditative flows that integrate yoga nidra, partner work and pranayama (breathing techniques). Stacey tends to focus mostly on alignment, holding poses longer, strengthening the core, and centering–while flowing with the breath. Teacher to student ratio is high, given there are limited spots for participants, and often we assist in each other’s sessions, so you will have our undivided attention.

We have custom designed a transformative 10-day yoga program, using the ancient Pancha Kosha yogic philosophy as our guide. We invite you on a journey to your heart, to reconnect with your authenticity. Starting from the most tangible layers of our being, and getting more subtle as we progress into the retreat, we will slowly go deeper inside and get intimate with aspects of ourselves that are pristine & untouched. Each session will build upon the previous practice, leading you through all the layers of your complex and beautiful self.

Beginners will enjoy the breakdown of yoga into bite size pieces, easily digestible and easily understood, and advanced yogis will enjoy returning to the foundational philosophy of yoga, and the opportunity to go deeper into their personal practice.

Our retreat accommodation in Sidemen is truly a sacred, magical place, and is owned by a Balinese priestess and her loving and devout staff. You’ll be able to unwind in peace at any of the three pools on site, listening to the magnificent songs of Indonesian birds and taking in the fragrance of the frangipanis.

We will have our choice of yoga and meditation spots on the gorgeous grounds, depending on the time of day and the vibe we’re seeking. We can have sunrise practice in a private studio and watch Mount Agung emerge from the mist, or we can bask in the sunset sunlight on an open-air terrace facing the distant sea.

Our seaside resort in Lombok sits directly on the west coast of the island, allowing for some of the most amazing sunsets in the world, silhouetting Bali’s Mount Agung across the sea. The ocean breeze will cleanse you, whether you are lounging in one of the many seaside bale huts or taking a dip in the oceanfront pool. And after yoga in the gardens, you will be ready to pamper yourself at the world clas‍‍‍s spa on site.

We’ll be eating most of our meals at our retreat locations, in addition to some meals during our outings to Ubud, the Gili islands, etc. All meals are included on this adventure. Vegetarian and vegan options are available everywhere. All of the produce is locally sourced as well as most of the other ingredients used. All food is prepared fresh to order and vegetables and fruits are washed with purified water and are safe to eat.

You’ll have two restaurants on your retreat grounds in Sidemen. The one closest to your accommodations has a beautiful open air plan overlooking one of the pools, and it specializes in both Indonesian cuisine and Thai (especially eastern Thai) dishes. You can even get creative with substitutions. Your breakfast will be served every day in this restaurant. The other restaurant is a few minutes walk away, overlooking another pool. Both restaurants have an attached bar/lounge area for those interested.

Your accommodation’s restaurant in Lombok sits directly on the seaside, facing west across the Lombok Strait to Bali’s Mt Agung. This restaurant is truly international, with specialities from India and Thailand, along with classic pastas, soups, sandwiches, salads, and even burgers (along with Indonesian cuisine, of course!) There is a lovely bar that serves beer, wine, and liquor for those interested in having a seaside cocktail. Breakfast here is not to be missed, as anything (and everything!) is on the menu.


Mt. Batur Sunrise Hike & Hot Springs Sojourn: Getting up early to watch the sunrise is always a spectacular start to any day, but to watch the dawning day from a volcanic peak is astounding. We will rise early, and will labor 2.5 hours to the top, but the views will take your breath away, more than the hike itself. At 1700m, Mt. Batur is the second highest point in Bali, on the ridge of a grand caldera that is still active today. We will gaze out to the lake below and surrounding ridges of the caldera, as the sun emerges in the East. And as the soft morning light catches our faces, we will take a moment to meditate on the gift of another day and the joy of being able to move our bodies up mountains. Then we’ll enjoy a tasty breakfast of fruit, bread, and eggs steamed from the vents of the volcano, savoring sweet sustenance at the summit. We will have some time for pictures and a short rest before making our descent back down to claim our just reward, and rejuvenate our bodies by soaking in the healing hot springs of Toya Bungkah.

The hike is intermediate level, challenging, but not impossible. The trail starts off fairly flat through the forest, then steadily inclines, the last half hour being reasonably steep, like walking up a flight of stairs, except we will be walking on uneven volcanic rock. I’ve seen all ages and all fitness levels making this climb, but those who have strong legs, lungs, and stable feet will fare better. But all who are strong of heart can reach the summit with patience and perseverance. If you have any health or fitness concerns, please write to Stacey directly at to discuss how we can best take care of you.

NOTE:‍‍‍ Please wear decent tennis shoes or boots, non slip preferably, and bring a headlamp, as we will start our hike in the pre dawn darkness.

‍‍‍We have teamed up with BJ & Lauren at RetreaTours, veterans of running exceptional retreats in Bali and elsewhere, along with and their trusted guides and partners, to manage the logistics during our retreat. This will free Inge and I to focus our attention on each guest, guiding everyone through our custom yoga program, and creating extraordinary memorable experiences together. For more complete details on the retreat package, accommodation, meals, transport, payment information (payment plans available), terms & conditions, etc., please refer to our page on their website, or contact BJ & Lauren directly at

For any other questions, feel free to contact Stacey at

***Please note that Travel Insurance is required for participation in this retreat, per our partner agreement with RetreaTours.

There are a lot of companies to choose from when it comes to travel insurance, but if you want the most comprehensive coverage at the most reasonable price, World Nomads is the way to go. Not only do I use them every time I travel, I have had to file a claim for a computer that got fried in an Indian outlet, and I had no problems being awarded coverage for the damages. They were swift, efficient, & fair. Could not recommend them more!

Daily Yoga & Meditation Sessions w/ Stacey Hoshimiya RYT500 & Inge Veldscholten RYT500

6 Nights Accommodation at Unique Balinese Villa & Gardensowned by a Local Priestess in Sidemen

5 Nights Accommodation at Seaside Resort & Spa in Lombok

Special Balinese Purification Ceremony with Local Priestess

Mt. Batur Sunrise Hike & Hot Springs Sojourn

Day Trip to Ubud: Bali’s Yoga & Artistic Hub

Visit to Sacred Tirtu Empul Water Temple

Visit to Affiliated Non Profit Supporting Children & the Balinese Arts

Boat Excursion to the Gili Islands to Snorkel with Sea Turtles

Foot Massageupon Arrival

Sweet Relaxation Poolside and Seaside

All In Country Transport: Private Car, Ferry to Lombok, Flight back to Bali

All ‍‍‍Meals,‍‍‍ including Water, Coffee, & Tea


‍‍‍ ‍‍‍

This retreat is for everyone, floating gurus, and fledging explorers, alike. All are welcome, as each of us is a teacher, as well as, a life long student. Our intention is to be learning and growing together, with open hearts, with great respect for the wisdom of others, and gratitude for the opportunity to share and connect with each other in a beautiful place.


Au‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍gust 31 - September 11, 2018‍‍‍

Early Bird PRICE (Excluding Airfare):

$2999 USD - Shared Accommodation

$599 USD - Single Supplement

(Early Bird Discount expires February 28, 2018)

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍YOGA & MED‍‍‍ITATION:

‍‍‍Sid‍‍‍emen, Bali


Day Trip to Bali’s Artistic Hub, Ubud: We’ll enjoy a day trip to nearby Ubud, Bali’s artistic hub, and the yoga capital of the island. There are myriad shops, restaurants, temples, the monkey forest, the Campuhan trail, and more to delight us … too much to take it all in, but enough to get a good taste, and maybe even do a little gift shopping for yourself and loved ones back home. We will have ample time for free exploration and then meet for lunch at one of my favorite spots (open to discussion, of course). Then with our bellies and senses full, we will make our way to the Tirtu Empul Water Temple, famous for it’s holy spring water, to join locals in a ritual healing purification.

Visit to Sacred Tirtu Empul Water Temple:‍‍‍  ‍‍‍This more than 1000 year old temple is founded around sacred natural springs, and is the site of a legendary epic battle between a powerful king, Mayadenawa, who used black magic to poison enemy armies, and the Hindu God Indra, who upon seeing his men dead or dying, pierced the ground with his staff, creating a sacred healing spring of immortality which revived all his men. These holy waters are now fabled to have curative powers and hundreds of Balinese Hindus flock here daily to bathe in the clean cool waters of health and prosperity.

We will join the locals in the large stone carved pools, filled with koi, and fed by the sacred springs, waiting with worshippers to ceremoniously bathe under the 30 showers within, to make our offerings, and receive our blessings. It is an authentic window into Balinese culture, and a powerful experience to share with friends and strangers alike, imagining all the disparate stories that brought each person together in this hallowed site, to purify the spirit, heal the body, and offer gratitude to the gods (however one may define them). A real sense of solidarity is present, followed by a quiet calm and lightness that brings a deep seeded inner peace, and trust in the universal mechanisms of balance and oneness.

NOTE: I have offered insight based on what I have personally experienced, but cannot describe certain activities, as they will be new for me too! For more information on our accommodations, in-country travel, our meals, and other activities not listed here, please refer to our partner page on RetreaTou‍‍‍

Mt. Batur Sunrise Hike

Toya Bungkah Hot Springs

Tirtu Empul Water Temple

WHY BALI?: The enchanting allure of Bali promises soul soothing infinity pools pouring into unending expanses of terraced emerald green along the slopes of volcanic peaks all the way to the aquamarine bliss of the sea. From the awe inspiring temples to the heart opening smiles of reverent and peaceful locals, the stunning abundance of natural beauty captivates the seeker, as it resonates throughout the landscape, people, and culture.

It is undeniable that there is something mysterious about the mixing of energies consolidating in this place. It is palpable as soon as you touch down on the Island of the Gods. Immediately, you feel this vibrant current moving through the place, through the people, and through you. It sweeps you up. You are in it; the colors, the smells, the sounds, the dance. It brings many things to the surface, by shear will and proximity of the seekers that flock there in good intention to discover and connect deeply with themselves and those around them.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍


NOTE: For more information on our accommodations and meals, please refer to our partner page on



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