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SOPHISTICATED UTILITY: Simple smart elegant design, practical for the everyday adventurer, whether you are at work or at play.

HANDMADE IN MOROCCO: this Modern Nomad supports leather artisans in the mountains of Chefchaouen and the deserts of Tinghir. All bags are locally made by families that have passed their traditional craft down through generations.

FAIR TRADE: Price is set by the artisans, and payment is made direct to the families. No middle men.

QUALITY LEATHER & NATURAL DYES: Only the best quality leather sourced for the product. Dyes are naturally made from local herbs like henna, alfalfa, and saffron.

FRONT ZIPPER POCKET: Confidently store phone, reading glasses, journal, pen, and any other readily needed essentials for quick access.

BACK ZIPPER POCKET FOR SECURITY: Perfect to stow away cash, credit cards, and passport in a safe place, close to your body, where prying eyes and hands cannot wander without you knowing.

TWO FRONT ENVELOPE POCKETS: Easy access storage for tickets, boarding passes, grocery lists, and notes, things you need to get to quickly in transit.

LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: Light as a feather, resilient to weather and wear.

UNISEX: Comfortable modern utility for women and men.

VERSATILITY/ADAPTABLE STYLE: Convertible design to fit any occasion and outfit. Switch from a hip belt bag to an over the shoulder cross body bag.

NATURAL PATINA: Each bag is hand crafted so each bag is unique. Slight variation in leather, dyes, and process adds to the inherent character of the product, and makes it exclusively yours.

COLOR COMBINATIONS: Inventory varies according to materials available. Custom colors can be requested. Contact for details.

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My childhood hero was Indiana Jones. I wanted to traverse culture and place like him, always on the go and always ready to go, my bag of tricks conveniently strapped to my side.

That first daring escape in ’Raiders of the Lost Ark’, not only inspired my lifelong wanderlust, it inadvertently set me on an endless quest for the perfect everyday bag. I searched for something sleek, simple, comfortable, and functional, marrying practicality with style. Hands free transit with easy access to the essentials became the highest value.

Ten years ago, I found an 'almost' perfect leather bag in Chefchaouen, suitable for all occasions, and I have used it every day of my adventures since, near and far from home.

Life eventually led me back to Morocco, where I sought out the original leather craftsman to recreate the bag. We worked together to fine tune the design features and fit, elevating the quality, versatility, and craftsmanship. And thus, this Modern Nomad travel bags was born. I now partner with local artisans in Chefchaouen and Tinghir to offer you the sophisticated utility of our everyday bag.

Your endless quest is finally over.

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We are currently in production and will be ready to ship before Christmas 2020. Pre-order your nomad travel bag today for a $10 discount off retail price!